Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 18 months ago and am wondering whwn/ if/ how to tell a guy about it before sex.

I'm 30 and now a 32D. The shape is great and the scars aren't to noticeable except at the bottom above the fold of the breast.

I'm worried he might be freaked out or taken aback if i dont say anything prior to sex. At the same time I also dont know how or when to bring it up if it is something i should give him a heads up on before the act.

Opinions from men and women welcome. Am I making too big a deal?


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  • I'd have less problems with a girl telling me she had a reduction, than with one telling about her new silly cones.

    • Thanks this is helpful but my concern is more with the scar than being judged for having them taken down a size.

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    • Thank you for bringing me back to center on this. Might hurt my feelings a little bit if he runs away screaming but better to know now as opposed to 20 years from now if a man is only into me for my looks.

      Getting naked in front of someone is just harder for women period but I know nothing is sexier than confidence. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Getting naked in front of someone is just harder for women because they were educated that way.

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  • I wouldn't worry but u should have kept them big lol jk that's your call but it shouldn't be a big deal

    • Thanks and it really isn't anymore at least for me. You barely see them and can't feel them at all. I'm still a 32DD my doctor wouldn't let me go any smaller.

    • How can u barely see dds? Lol and that's good u like them. I was just thinking how funny it is girls get reductions but guys who are big never say they want a reduction lol just something funny I know it's different lol

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  • Why do you have to tell him? Only say something if he asks about the scars.