Should I take this break up personal?

So we fell for each other pretty hard. We got caught by her parents together after we were forbidden from seeing each other. It was tragic she was drunk parents came I fight broke out she had a mental breakdown. Parents made her see a therapist. We couldn't see each other for 6 months or so.

She saw me the first time and literally got out of her car and ran across a busy intersection to tell me to pull over and was crying. Could barely speak.

We decided to see each other sneak around here and there. We then decided we wanted to move out so we could be together. We tried to talk to her parents just asking if we could see each other nothing about moving out. They blew a fuse and it was again a disaster no chance.

Two weeks before we are about to move out right after her birthday she ended things out of the blew. Was stone cold about it. Next day she called me hysterically crying saying she was lying. I calm her down call her two days later she says she's fine and acted weird that I was asking. I blew up because I got sick of the mixed signals just told her I'm done with her pretty much told her to do whatever she wants I don care at this point. I apologized the next day saying I understand you got cold feet and I just want what's best for you.

Said she doesn't know if she wants to talk to me anymore. She text me days later asking if I want the gift back that I got her.

I offered her everything pay for her school well as much as I can. her mom said she would never be able to talk to her mom again if she left. I also remember she would cry almost everytime she left my house when we could only see each other once a month. Think she might of been gettingg a lot of pressure at home. But when I asked she said everything was fine at home.

We got jealous at times because of the distance made false accusations etc .. I even asked if there was someone else in mind because this break up just came out of the blue.

She is 18 I'm 21. This girl told me she would do anything for me she would always be here if I wanted her. Then it's like none of this matters anymore. Really got hurt on this one.
Guess I'm asking did she breakup just because of the situation maybe because of me my actions or lack of actions.


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  • Well, take it personally, if it feels like you truly love her then... yah... try to get her back or something, or talk to her through text until she moves out of that house and meet up with her, her mom and dad have no power

    If you do take it personally then eh, just be... glad a badish relationship is over... plus there are more girls out there for you, dont worry.

    • Took a blow to my ego. Never been dumped before. I don't know if it was more of just her situation or me.

    • What would you think

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