Why is my ex playing games, when she's with another guy?

My ex left me for another guy (Her ex) its been 3 months and she's trying to add me on snapchat again.. Why? doesn't she have a boyfriend she can snapchat?

Still need a little help?


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  • She wants you both probably or she lost intrest in him and likes u now

    • lol fuck that.. bitch left me for him.. cheated on me with him, then left me for him within days..

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  • She's either messing with your head/trying to get a reaction out of you, or craving attention from you... either way you seem like you have your head on straight and have left her in the background.. good for you

    • Dude this bitch has fucked me over so many times. I have heard through the grapevine that her and mr "perfect" have been fighting.. So i can see a fucking phone call from her begging for me back AGAIN here soon. can't wait to tell that bitch to fuck off.

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    • Man it feels good to see karma bite her in the ass. The issue is i still love her.. Its gonna be hard man. Maybe she'll change, but im not waiting for her. And i sure as hell am not going to go back with her now. I'll what time does. But i just think its funny, because i knew she'd do this sooner or later.

    • Same happened to me years ago... in time I met someone 10x more amazing, honestly each day you just care a little less