Have a bad habit stalking my guy's profiles (fb, IG) and it's making me very uneasy. Help?

This has caused problems in past relationships. I'm dating this guy and were easing into a relationship (was discussed) but won't happen if I keep doing this, looking at his pages makes me paranoid and think he is seeing the women on there! I start putting things together that probably isn't true. I have trust issues so it's hard to let go.

If anyone had this experience please give me some advice, and anyone else for that matter. He doesn't know I do this, but he picked up on my trust issue. If I don't stop I know I'll push him away for good.


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  • Come off Facebook, it is a dangerous site, you only have read up what it does to relationships and marriages.

    Your creating things in your own mind, by looking at his Facebook page, you almost trying convince yourself he is cheating on you. There is a difference between what's going on your imagination, and what he is doing in reality.

    If your man is going to cheat on you, he won't be leaving trials of evidence for you to see anyway. That's a fact. Unless he is a dumb cheater. By checking his profile is not going to stop him, or make any difference to you anyway.

    If someone is committed to doing something cheating or not, they will do it. Checking his profile will not prevent you from getting hurt, it only destroy or lead you to losing a possible good partner in your life.

    Every time you get in a relationship, the possiblity of getting hurt will always be there. The question you have to ask yourself are you willing to endure that pain, and move forward. If your not willing to get hurt along the way, then stay single.

    , stop going to your partner because and asking them for ressurance, because you have trust issues. Its not his problem. Sort it out yourself or stay single. It's not his job to keep convincing you, he is not cheating.

    • The only time you need to go to your partner, is if have good evidence that he is cheating on you. Only then you can decide what action to take with regards to him. Dump him, give him another a chance, kill him etc. Until then, you are going tohave to get grip with your behavior. This your problem, until you have the evidence.

    • Thank you-you are correct.

    • no problem good luck. remember “Trust is not about the other person. How much you trust someone else is a function of how much you trust yourself and your ability to handle whatever they do.”

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  • Talk to him about your trust issues. Ask him for help. Talking and getting things out there is the best way to go.


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  • Get a hobby.

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