Did I make a mistake asking for him to be my boyfriend when we should have continued "seeing eachother"?

How can you invest so much time with someone and only be "dating" them or "seeing" them, they could just go off and be with someone else in the meantime.

But I understand the purpose. I still asked my boyfriend to be my boyfriend. And didn't realize it basically meant a much more serious relationship.

I'm not ready to go out with friends or have him meet my family. And now by having him as my boyfriend, I feel obligated to sooner than later.

I feel I rushed this when I just wanted exclusivity for my time, and break up if it's not working out.

Do other people make the mistake I made? Was it a mistake?


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  • If you weren't ready it was a mistake. But I suggest you to try to keep this relationship if you do like him. You don't need to do those things now, just give yourself some more time and do nothing if he doesn't mention anything about it.


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