Is karma kicking me in the balls for playing hard to get?

I have a major crush on a girl from grad school and the last time I texted her was Sunday when I tried to ask her if she wanted to hang out. She responded to my first text and said she was busy and then left me hanging with the last word. I started to think I've been coming on too strong and needed to back off while she tested the breaks, so I decided not to reach out to her between Sunday and our class, today.

Today she texted me a few hours before class, I purposely decided not to respond even though its natural for me to respond quickly when I like a girl. I wanted to re-establish myself as not being desperate, and maybe give her a chance to anticipate my response like I did when she stopped texting me on Sunday... (Immature I know)

Then, at class we talked, and it turned out that she had no work this evening and wanted to have coffee and dinner with me before class... if I had only answered her initial text message instead of waiting to class to talk to her...

Am I an idiot who deserves the punishment I have self-inflicted by ignoring her text?


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  • You already punished yourself by missing an opportunity.


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