Girls: was your guy always goofy at first?

I've just recently started talking and hanging out with this dude, who I definitely have a crush on and am interested in, and I'm fairly certain he feels the same way for now. The only thing is were still at that everything is goofy and good kind of stage and I feel like we dont have deep convos (mind you we've literally been talking for like a week). I feel like I've tried a bit and it still stays on the surface and doesn't get thorough answers. I just feel like with friends that I've made and what I remember from my last relationship that we talked serious things fairly soon or had thoughtful conversations. I haven't been with or *talk* talked to anyone in years and I legit don't remember how all this works so forgive me on that. But girls did you feel like your guy or girl was just goofing at first and then eventually you guys dove a little deeper?


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  • We've been dating for over a year and it's still like this. I don't know I mean we do kind of have our deep conversations, but very rarely.

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