Home depot sleeze bag using women for his own purposes, why would you give him a chance?

he knows who slept with who and he is kind of nasty. maybe a lot? he's slept with a 37 year old woman with 2 kids who's on a divorce settlement with her husband, and slept with a woman named petra who also was divorcing her husband. he's slept with his boss and brags about his family being 'rich', while he eats bean salad and kale juice after the fact everyone knows he drinks, smokes and sits around doing nothing

unfortunately my friend 'dated' this douche bag. does he not know he is garbage compared to her? she's clean, educated and beautiful- she's way too good for him and he seems to be taking advantage of her kind heart. he's ugly, nasty, mean in personality and used women before to satisfy himself- doesn't seem like the relationship type of he's been with anyone.


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  • With a description like that, I think the real question is what is wrong with your friend that she dated him? It calls into question her taste and intelligence more than his because apparently, according to your description, he seems to be punching above his weight.

  • Having read your description of this guy, I wonder if someone else's description would be so harsh.


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