Is he trying to tell me something?

Had a great amazing weekend with my guy friend and he wanted me to stay but I couldn't cause my roommate lost my dog. I found my dog and he was sweet tried to help. I tried being playful and texting him and calling him but nothing. We play video games together online and he said he would play with me and he didn't show up. I don't know what's going on but ever since last weekend we haven't talked or hung out. I figure he needs some space I'm trying to give it but don't know what's going on. Is he trying to break up with me or what's going on. Someone help me I like this guy but I do have other options and I don't want to waste my time on someone who doesn't care about me or want to put forth the effort to be with me. Some one help me?

So he finally got back to me and he says he likes me and wants to be with me but he isn't good at communicating and is somewhat of an introvert. I'm going to wait it out I told him how I feel and hopefully he heard me. I think we are good now but I'm not totally convinced. He says he hasn't had many relationships and isn't very good at dating. Not sure if it's just the fact tht I want to believe him but I do believe him. I just want to be included in his life. This shouldn't be a weird thing?


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  • Sometimes silence and inaction speak volumes. If he doesn't give you the courtesy of returning your call or simply contacting you in a considerate amount of time, then I suggest you interpret that as an indication of his interest in pursuing a relationship with you.

    • That sucks but thank you why can't he just tell me instead of playing stupid games

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