Guys what kind of pajamas should I bring?

I'm going to visit a guy for the weekend. He's not my boyfriend, but I'm hoping he will be. What kind of pajamas do it wear when I'm there? I generally wear either shorts or yoga pants with either a tshirt or tank top. Please be realistic.


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  • Either sounds good. Tank tops and shorts r hot, especially if u get comfy and dont wear a bra and panties under. They are loose and leave lots of room for roaming hands and fingers :) yoga pants r nice too... they flatter your butt, and they're tight... so if u r not wearing underwear they might help u flash a cameltoe, or if you're horny u will wet yourself and the yoga pants will show your wet spot. That's a huge turn on for any guy, but aren't yoga pants too tight to sleep in?

    I might go for the tank and shorts. Easier for making out if things get hot and heavy... and wet :)

    • I sleep in them almost every night, so no they aren't too tight. Thanks for your help!

    • Cool. So, did u decide yet which you are gonna wear? And be sure to let me know how things turned out! U can message me... Curious how things will turn out for u!

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  • Just wear your regular pajamas


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  • Ya just tee shirts and shorts is fine

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