Why do girls use guys for their needs then break their hearts, same goes for guys?

Why do guys use girls and girls use guys for their needs? like what's their intentions? I always get used and just get heart broken now in days. and I notice other guys and girls get used a lot. this shit has to stop


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  • ... i feel you brother... it sucks but a lot of relationships are based off "need" or "want" but not love!
    I used to hate when my ex said "I need you!" she used to want me to say it back...
    I didn't need her, but i loved her and just wanted to be with her...
    it didn't work out, and i left her, i was so heartbroken
    I just want to have a relationship that is pure love!

  • Because the majority of people are selfish assholes who only think of themselves.

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