My BFF is worried that her Bf is going to break up with her?

My BFF and her BF have been dating for about a week and it's been going Ok but as of today she is really worried that he is going to break up with her. We talked to him on the phone today and this is what he said to her "I'm in a bad mood right now can we just talk about this tomorrow!"

Do u think he might break up with her?


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  • Well, if your best friend is pestering her boyfriend saying how worried she is that he's going to break up with her- he might just do it! Tell her not to panic and find out why she is so concerned. It might just be nothing and she just doesn't want to lose him because she's very attached but also she (or he) may have done something to make her think about this. If there doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason for this then tell her not to worry! If there is, get to the bottom of it (in the nicest way that doesn't seem like you're trying to pry) and try to help her by giving her ideas on how to show him she loves him- without stressing them both out about a possible break-up.
    I can't really say whether or not he's actually going to break up with her and I know this probably isn't the advice you were really looking for but please tell her if she keeps going on about breaking up, then her probably will break up with her!! I hope this helped. If you have ay other questions, just ask?
    Good Luck
    Lucy xx