Im the same age as his little brother, bad?

My mum and his mum are friends, that how we know each other. We recently met so I don't know him well. When we first met he asked what college I go to, assuming I was older, I'm 16 and he's 18. When I told him my age he just said '"oh" I could not tell whether my age bothered him.
I found out me and his little brother are the same age, does this affect the way he sees me? Does he see me as a little child because I'm the same age as his brother.


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  • some guys prefer younger girls and some prefer older. if he's interested in you, he wouldn't give a s*** about your age anyway.

    • The age difference is ok, it's just the same age as brother part that's the problem

    • yeah, i see now, sorry. now thinking about it, there was someone who was liking me, she was 16 and just a year older than one of my nieces. and it bothered me a little bit, it was a little weird.

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