He thinks I have a big ego?

I was seeing this guy in the uk for a few weeks but then went home to Australia.
We've been messaging a bit.
Last night he said I have a big ego. I felt like that was a bad thing but he said 'it's fine, I mean it makes you confident, nothing worse than a shy girl'.
I really don't have a big ego & I think he just hasn't understood a lot of my sarcasm over message. But now I feel bad that he thinks of me that way!


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  • He is projecting his own issues onto you. He has a bigger ego I promise you.


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  • I wouldn't. He said you have a big ego but then he said it was a good thing and he also said he doesn't like shy girls so maybe he's complimenting you in a playful, teasing way? I don't know. Maybe he thinks you're smart, pretty, and sarcastic so he's poking fun at you.