Should I be okay with this?

My boyfriend hangs out with his ex girlfriend and their mutual friends until like 4 morning. He says he's completely over her but she texted him like a week ago saying she was still falling for him. Should I be okay with him being out so late with her being there? Also would you be okay with it?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If it's with a group of friends then I think it's OK but if he spends alone time with her knowing she still likes him then it starts to get icky. I wouldn't feel comfortable around a ex knowing he still likes me if I'm in a relationship. However I voted B here just because I think you should be able to hang out with them and secondly, the part about her expressing she's falling for him makes me wonder.


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  • Ex's are ex's for a reason I think its good that he can remain friends with his ex but he shouldn't really be spending time with her until that time in the morning. Maybe go along with him? If he has nothing to hide he'll be all for it.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're the one who needs to evaluate this situation and see if you feel comfortable with it. Personally, I wouldn't take it. It would be hard for me to know they were happily texting, let along hanging out, especially at late hours in the night AND you're not there. This doesn't seem right to me.
    An ex is someone we broke up for a reason but is also someone we've been with for a reason - because we were happy with them at some point. These happy memories sometimes result in a will to get closer and experience it again. It's not a rule but that's just how I see it.