Ladies, which guy would you rather get to know?

Which guy would you be more willing to get to know and possibly date and what's the reasoning behind your decision?:

Guy A) 30 years old, former Marine Corps Sgt with 2 tours in Iraq, currently going back to school to learn to fly helicopters with the idea of eventually flying air ambulance or doing aerial firefighting, works in manufacturing and is responsible for coordinating training of all shift personnel, tall, curly brown hair and blue eyes, family oriented, and a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Guy B) Also 30 years old, has had several dead-end jobs since high school and multiple failed college attempts, currently works as a laborer in a factory, introverted, was once diagnosed with depression after a suicide attempt, thinning hair, never had a real relationship with a woman.

So far Guy B is getting more positive responses than I thought he would.
Ladies, would your responses be any different if you found out guy A and guy B were actually the same guy?


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  • A sounds extremely busy and might not have enough time. But i like how he is family orientated.

    B sounds ok too, I would want to know him and see what kinda person he is. Plus i can relate to him a bit.

    I would want both to get to know better. can't decide.


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  • To be honest I'd rather get to know man B, seems like you've told me guy A's whole life already.
    I find guy B more interesting because he hasn't had the best life and I feel like I could relate to man B more in some ways, I can relate to the struggle he's had with work and depression...
    Man B is over all a lot more interesting to me

  • Guy A because he sounds like someone who can handle taking care of a family

  • Since you said "get to know" vs date I'd say both. I'm interested in the reasons life is hard for guy B.

  • Guy A !! I love guys with ambition and that have done and are doing exciting things with their life and that are family oriented. Plus I worked on helicopters once...

    Guy B sounds like a drag.


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