Do you possible to fall for someone you've never met?

We "met" on a dating site around October. He, right now live about 10 hrs away, in June/July he is moving and will only be about 4 hours from me. He seems almost too good to be true. I don't have unreal expectations, I have high doubts that anything could actually become of this, oh but a girl can dream right? Lol. He's so sweet, and ridiculously funny, has a good job, is close with his family, and has two children. He's about 10 years older than me, though it's not an issue. He mailed me some beautiful flowers that I received just in time for Valentine's day. He says he's going to visit between when he gets home (in march) and when he moves. So sometime in the next few months. I don't even know what to do! We've both have been caught on what it's going to be like to finally meet!! He says he's never met a woman like me in his like... though we've never met. Is this just wishful thinking for both of us that we could maybe have something real?


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  • It's a strange one. Having been in a similar situation myself, I think it's possible to develop strong feelings for someone you've never met, but when you meet them - that is when you truly fall for them. At least that's how it happened with my experience at least.


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  • I met my GF on this site. We started talking in September. It got really intense really quickly, and we started falling for each other in October.

    In November, we told each other that we felt like we were in love.

    We finally physically met last week and it was better than we both expected. We had a great time together, it was completely natural, and are planning to meet again soon.

    We're even further apart than you and this guy, and it's very difficult sometimes, but we're working through it.

    So, in my opinion, it can work if you can make the commitment to physically meet. You have to open up your emotions to each other and discuss everything truthfully and openly. In some ways you've got a stronger relationship because you're not relying on that physical connection for the closeness.


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