Hi everyone, so here I am once again with a whole other story...

I met this guy during a school project and we just had the right chemistry... After this week ended, he sent me a friend request on Facebook and I exceptet and wrote him. So we startet chatting and he always sends me lots of messages with smileys and seems to be really interested in me. He has asked me out and we'll meet this Saturday. He even asked me a second time for today but i refused kindly because I thought it was too much and too fast.

Since than we were still chatting and have had good conversations. So he's always sending me a good night sms but yesterday he only wrote good night and the day before he still send me lots of sms?

What's going on?
Is he unpatient?
Does he really like me?


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  • he's REEEEALY into you sister ;-)

    • okay, thanks, I needed such an answer from a guy who knows how guys think ! :)

  • Nothing is going on. you are overthinking. Just enjoy the date. he likes you.

    • now I can definetely enjoy... thanks! :)

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