Tinder match, how to get her to accept a date?

ok, so I just match with this girl on tinder, and she seems like the type of girl I want to date not just sleep with, we talk for a little when we first mach on tinder and then later tonight on kik. We have a couple things in common like taste in car and music and she has (attractive, not trashy) tattoos which I love, point being the conversation was going well but in the middle of it she left, I believed it was because she got busy or something since she didn't open the kik message until after hrs after. Forgot to mention that she is currently stationed in New York since she is in the army (in case any army girls get to see this). Anyways what should I reply since she didn't answer my last text, she seems interested in me by the questions she asked me, or is she playing hard to get now? I really want to get a shot of this girl, I dont know why but I just have a feeling about this one.

P. S: I'm a 23 recent grad from college, working and living at home still to get some tuititon loans out of the way. I have met up with girls before on tinder but it was in college and it was just hook ups with girls from classes or parties.

how to get her to go out for a date!
couldn't wait any longer, ask her out and she quickly agree, can't wait to see what this lead up too!


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  • You can't get her to. Just like be a good guy and let her see your good side and hopefully she'll like you and date you.

    • I meant to get her out for a date, also how long should i wait to message her back? I dont want be seen as desperate.

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    • Thanks for mh

    • I just couldn't wait, and yes that way we can stay connected without giving up too much info about each other, saving that for the sexy date I'm taking her too

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  • It's going to be harder now. Don't fall into the trap of exchanging too much information prior to a date. If a girl feels like she knows you or has a solid grasp on you, her interest level will plummet. Texting, Facebook, any social media, all of it should only be used to setup the date, NOT exchange information. The date is where you learn more about each other.

    • yea we just got to the basics like where you from and stuff, haven't talk to her nabout the insteresting stuff yet, is going to be hard including that I have the next two weekends fully busy due to traveling, but maybe I can squeeze something on my way to philly next Friday .

  • Just tell her that you’re enjoying talking to her, would she like to get together in person?

    Thing about Tinder, people will just disappear suddenly, without explanation and without any reason for doing so (as far as you can tell, anyway). In my experience you can’t treat it like you would other dating sites, you need to go for it sooner rather than later, don’t waste a week chatting first.

  • You fucked up when you failed to get her number quickly.

    • I did thought about that but my new replacement is coming in sometime tomorrow or Saturday, I did get her number but we are talking through kik until it gets here (damm iphones)

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