Should I ask him if he lost interest?

So, there is this guy I've been dating for a couple of months now. We only saw each other twice, due to him going to a trip, and him only living in the same town as me, but actually he is from another one, and constantly going to the town he is from, and where his family is. He did show interest. But this week hasn't. Could it be because we kind of had a fight last week, and I told him I wanted to end things. We worked it out. But he said that this week he is busy, we can not meet, and that his mom is visiting him. I totally understand that, but when I text him, not every day, he is distant, different. There have been some changes in my life that I want to tell him, but I can't because of that. So, should I ask him if he had lost interest, or wait till he text me? I seriously don't want to waist time on him if this is going no where...

I just don't want to mess things up, by being too clingy...


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  • You know what, I'd text him. Don't worry about being clingy. I agree with you about not being overly bombarding someone with messages, but thing is, life's short.

    Just go for it. It is seriously hot when a girl initiates. And you'll save time, by taking the initiative you know where you stand.

    Be the better person. Sometimes the guy is also shy and so no one ends up texting the other. If you do like him, then contact and see. If it doesn't work out, nothing lost, you move on much the wiser.

    It's best if girls keep closer contact, otherwise guys wonder whether they don't like them. And then they don't want to trouble you. Seriously and enthusiastic girl is so much better!!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! And I did text him, and realise that he is too busy with college, so I'm less stress out about it.

    • Way to go, glad to have helped. Good luck!

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  • you shouldn't call him and leave him till he texts u
    u should make him interested in you
    if he told you he is busy , just text him once to make sure that u still care for him if he didn't reply forget about it if he did, don't call him and wait until u see him and have a heart to heart conversation with him

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