I asked a nice girl out but she rejected me because I was a player before, How to change her mind?

Now I'm not a player anymore I'm a reformed one and really want to be with a nice girl to start a new better lifestyle.


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  • You can't change a persons mind. If she someone you really want, try to prove yourself to her.

    • Yes she is someone who I really want she is nice and sweet but she knows about my history especially about how I cheated on my ex. How to prove myself?

    • I don't know what to say. The cheating part is gonna be something very hard for her to accept. You know the thing 'once a cheater, always a cheater'? Even if that's not the case with you, it's always gonna be in the back of her head.
      I would say, try to be as genuine as possible. Don't overdo it cuz that just looks stupid.

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  • Then if you really like her then continue to be her friend, and let her see that you don't want to be like that with her. Take her out on dates, show her a good-time, and at the end of the date drop her off at home and let that be the night. You can slowly swoon your way in to her heart if you take things slow. That's what she's looking for...

    • Good idea but takes a lot of time, Is it works if I get another girl to make her jealous?

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