Ladies and gentlemen who play fight?

When you play fight with your significant other, do you hit them hard or do you lightly tap them.


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  • love to. we hold back but we don't walk away in the same state we went in

    • Cool. Is it abnormal for my friend to hit me hard with his fist or squeeze my hand and say he's not letting go until I cry

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    • That's what I told him, but it's like talking to a door knob. When I refuse to mess with him, he constantly ask me what's wrong with me or is I'm mad. He'll do this all Night until I give in.

    • and you're friends? people I've heard with that mentality have serious issues. do yourself a favor and never be alone with him

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  • I used to with an ex. It always started off light but then she'd take it too far (i'd come away with bruises and whatnot) and actually try to win. I had to sit her down and explain to her that i'm nearly 100lbs heavier than her and her two self defence classes she took at a night class don't make her a fighter.

    • The dude I'm with loves to hit hard and squeeze my hand until I'm in the verge of crying and he gets a thrill out of it. I tried talking to him but it doesn't help

    • Well then he's a sadistic mother fucker who's trying to dominate you. If you don't like it make the ultimatum that it's a deal breaker.

    • Ok will do, thanks

  • Fight have to romantic like genraly guys are strong so guy have to lift them in air put them in bed tickel t
    Her and girl have to slap on hands and bites him gently like that it will be so romantic :-)
    If he is trying to win then tell him that this is not mma


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