Questions to clubbing girls! is she into me still?

So i got picked up by a chick at a club. I was dancing and she came up asked me to dance so we grind and made out etc.. so she had to leave so she asked me for my number i gave her mine then next weekend we met up went for drinks then clubbing then back to my place. She slept over we didn't have sex she wanted to take it slow? then we went for lunch the next day and we were going to go universal studio but we didn't want to spend $92 for couple hours so i drove back to mine and she left to see her friends. NOw i didn't get any sleep from Saturday because I actually worked Sunday morning 9am to 12pm so she waited for me to finish work. So I didn't get any sleep over 24hours was dead tired so in the car ride back we didn't talk much at all because I was absolutey dead tired and she knew i was tired too.
Now when we were leaving it was very awkward she wanted to hug good bye but i said where's my kiss? so we kissed and left and i asked her can we hang out again? and she said just text me later.
So this was on Sunday and i texted her wed saying hows your week going? but no reply..
but in my dating rule my gut feeling says she just wants to to party on the weekends. But this weekend is Valentine's day so Im thinking not to text her because that will pressure on her so Im gona go clubbing alone to pick up another one. So my gut feeling im gona wait till next weekend to message her to hang out again. She lives in SD for work and only comes to LA for weekend so she's just comes here for party of course.
So my question is Im gona follow my gut feeling and if you girls agree with me
What do you think waiting for her reply first and waiting a week to text her will that make her think?


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  • you're seriously asking for that kind of advice here? Most everyone is a teenager. And stop it with your damn texting. God. Act like a man. Pick up the phone and CALL her. Stop hiding behind little text messages. You're not 12. You're a grown adult. If u r not man enough to talk to a woman on the phone, move back in with your parents and live at home until you are.

    • oh thanks playa you must have chicks lined up for you sounds like.

    • Sounds like you have a low life yourself mate just bagging out people from the forum sites why don't you tell me your latest hook up in details I would love to hear it. You better not make it up