Why is it hard to find a good looking good guy?

That's what I would want as my first bf. Very good in looks, good guy and very smart.

Seems like too many are into ''oh focus on his personality''. True but what good is that if he's just gonna be so awkward and would have gone wild if some easy girl open her legs. And is basically only using his personality because he has no other option or is really so unattractive (chubby guy with lots of pimples but with kind personality).


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  • I'm going to use a nerd analogy.

    Being a physically attractive person is a lot like being on the Dark Side of the force.

    On the one hand, you have incredible power. The power to influence, the power to attract, but the MOST dangerous of all, you have the power to get what you want from other people. As such, like all power, if you allow it to go to your head, it'll eventually corrupt and overtake you, and you'll end up as one of the Sith. The bad guys.

    However, if your heart is strong and virtuous, you may be TEMPTED to go to the Dark Side, but in the end your good heart will win out. Kind of like Anakin. If you ever find yourself attracted to a beautiful person, or ARE the beautiful person, it's crucial to not allow yourself to be blinded by the Dark Side, and to properly discern which side your heart will choose when you come face to face with this temptation.

    • Nice analogy and indeed, most attractive (esp the popular guys) do unfortunately take advantage of this and become players, party animals and sleep around. Few choose not to do it even if given opportunities and those few are hard to find.

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    • I'm not saying be needy, obviously, if his car breaks down and he calls you at 3 A. M in the morning, make sure you're willing to make sacrifices for him too.

      The main theme here is action and sacrifice. Words are cheap, money is cheap.

      But time, effort and sacrifice? Oh, that is MUCH more expensive. That's what you look out for.

    • Thanks for the MH.

      I wish you luck young Jedi :3

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  • you can find your whole package, its not impossible. just keep trying. and you're young as shit so you still have lots of time.

  • If you can't find him now, you will find him later. Just don't think about it, live your life and do what you love. Honestly, the more you'll look the less you'll find.

  • i have never had a gf so i must be a ad guy then


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  • I don't know.
    I know plenty of good looking guys with great personalities.

    • I guess I'm having bad luck in my school. The very attractive ones seems to be the jocks and popular types that party a lot and already been on the block. But yes will look harder.

    • Yeah don't worry about it. Once you get to college, you'll see a change in more than a few guys.