How to get to know a guy better? And maybe then he'd give me a chance?

I met this cute last week at a party with a group of friends. He and I talked a little, and I got to know some minor things about him from the convo our group had. It seems like we have a lot in common- however I was unable to have more detailed convo about it since we were at party.
He added me on fb, and I've tried talking to him on chat.
I feel like I might actually have a chance with him if I can communicate to him what we have in common. We started talking but it ended as soon as he invited me to join him fishing sometime in the future. He hasn't answered since. Its been 3 days. Any good ideas to get him talking more, or for what to say that might spark a convo? I dont want to seem overly eager!


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  • If a girl seems eager to be with me, I'd be happy lol. If she acts like she doesn't care, then that's my first thought "she doesn't care"

    • I guess what I mean by too eager is I dont want him to feel uncomfortable by me trying to reach out to him all the time. If you werent really sure about a girl would you text them or no!

    • Like would you reach out them or just wait for her to contact you?

    • If I felt comfortable with her I'd reach out more

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  • Just share something about your daily life (somewhere great you've been, something fun you've done) and then ask him how his day went.

    Say you saw on his fb that he liked... and you do to. Then analyze said interest together. Maybe even slide in that you could share the interest in real life (concert, game, movie, ...)
    If you pick something he liked ages ago, you might seem like a fb-stalker though :)

    Just share something YOU can hold a conversation over

    • Thanks so much! Should I wait a few more days before reaching out to him, or is 3 enough? He seems lightly interested in me but hasn't made any moves himself so Im not really sure! Never been in this situation before

    • I'd say 3 is enough. Go for it!

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