When and how do I tell a girl how I feel?

I've never told a girl how I felt before and do know how to go about doing it.

When and how do I tell a girl how I feel?

How do I bring it up? How do I tell her?


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  • Try talking and flirting with her to see if she's possibly interested. Signs she's interested:
    -dilated pupils (hard to spot unless she has bright eyes)
    -her feet are pointing towards you
    -she's playing with her hair
    -she'll ask you to smell her perfume
    -she might wink at you
    -all her attention will be focused on you
    -she might look at your lips
    That's most of the signs. However, if she seems uninterested or doesn't flirt back it probably means she's not into you. Or she could be really shy, and in that case you'll have to go easy on her so you won't scare her off. Either way, take your time get to know her a bit more before confessing.
    Good luck!


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