To go out alone tonight? please give me your input?

i live in germany. i dont know how it is in the states but carneval is really big here. tonight could be a great chance to maybe hook up with some girl, hopefully a mature woman. they are all really drunk and looking for fun anyway haha. but my prob is that they are always in groups and i would be going out alone... would you think it is weird if mostly everybody is in groups to party and then there is this one guy alone just drinking a beer? specially on a real party day, would it not be weird? or am i just imagining things and should go out anyway? your opinion is apreciated:)


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  • Can't advice you on that but I feel you. That'S one thing I don't get about women. Even when they go out to meet someone they do so in group even though the group is probably the best guy-repellent ever... Boggles my mind every time.