Is this new guy a waste of time? How to deal with poor communication?

I recently met this guy on holiday in a country I used to live in. We actually hit it off well and spent about a week altogether. He admitted he liked me and I just reacted awkwardly because I didn't expecting this scenario.

I didn't show that much interest because I don't want to be involved in a long distance situation. It's just been a week and the communication from his side sucks. Even though, he said 'we'll keep in touch' and meet up for travel again.. He just says one liners over text and sometimes even replies the next day AFTER having read my text. This is annoying!

He was super talkative in person, but it's not translating through text. I should also mention that he does experience depression (like everyone) and went into ''her'hermit' just a few days after I left.

It's just all bizarre and I obviously don't know. his habits well. But, I am just surprised a person can be so attentive and talkative and then just shut down in their own.

Anyway, just want opinions on this matter! Thanks!


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  • Perhaps the "holiday romance" feeling lost its charm when he returned home. Not that he didn't genuinely like you, but it could be that once he was back in his real day-to-day life he realised what you knew all along - that it was just a holiday romance and couldn't last the distance. On a side-note, i have noticed people often text differently than the way they are in person anyway so his change in tone could be a combination of these two reasons.

    • Thanks for your analysis! I think I don't know him well enough to judge, but he's definitely a poor communicator via text. You're right also about people not texting the way they speak in-person, but I sometimes expect it to be the same!

      Even now, he read my text from yesterday and still didn't respond! I'll probably let him take more initiative unless I have something specific to talk about!

    • Good idea, the best way to know how someone really feels is by leaving the ball in their court and seeing if they pick it up without you having to prompt them. And you know, silence is a response too. Time will tell! Good luck :)