Tips for long distance college relationships?

Me and my boyfriend of over a year have recently become subjects to the " long distance relationship" . I need tips on how to make sure we last this year ( I'm moving there in a year) and to add a little spice even when we aren't together ( by the way he lives only 2 hours away but he doesn't have a car, being a student, and I don't feel comfortable driving that far alone)


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  • Decide how you want to stay in touch, try to talk to each other fairly often and share your daily experiences with each other. Write letters and buy small gifts to each other (they can be a nice surprise, don't always tell that you bought him/her something). Decide if you are 100% exclusive or not then stick to it, insecurity about where ou stand is more challenging when you can't see each other all that often. Sort out indifferences as soon as possible as they tend to giver birth to insecurity faster in a LDR. Good to see you're already planning to get together next year, then you already know when you will no longer have and LDR, that's a huge advantage! That was at least a really good thing for us.

    As for spicing things up I'll assume you mean sexually. First try to make the most of the time when you're together but also send each other flirty and sexy messages. Consider using skype/webcam for sexy conversation and if you feel comfortable, mutual masturbation etc. For example my wife loved to see me get off and I still do it for her when she's on business trips and abroad.


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  • Honestly, I think the most important things are to straight rules and follow them. how often will you guys communicate? How- through text? a phone call? skype? and know exactly how long this is for and define specifically what is cheating for you. Is dancing with someone else cheating? going to someone of the opposite gender for advice and help cheating? you just have to lay it all flat out and be clear. If you do this, and both people follow it, it can work! Good luck!


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