I some advice about this girl?

So I messaged this girl who I somewhat know, who I thought I was attractive, and I was like "Hey, you probly barely even know who I am, but I just wanted to say I kinda like you" And she probly thought I was creepy, and didn't message me back. So I want to get it to her that I like her in some other way, (message her back) and not sound creepy. Because she barley even knows me Thanks :)


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  • Oh I think you should send her a message saying "I'd like to take you out sometime sorry if I sounded creepy" or something maybe talk to her in person so you can see how she really feels if she ignores you move on and remember next time you like someone get to know them first like start off by saying "Hey how are you I've seen you around..." Never be like "I like you" unless you've had several "real" conversations with them

    • Actually don't say you'd like to take her out I would rather have a guy say "Hey sorry if that was weird I meant to say I'd like to be friends"

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