Why would a guy not want to meet you?

This guy i only met once and have been talking and texting on phone ever since. I actually met him the day i was leaving his country so because of the distance i never saw him again. He texts me everyday w talk a lot and he seems so into me like really. But when i mention us meeting in any kind of way he lies about anything and makes up excuses. why is this? I can't even ask him this question because when i did he lied more! Im friends with his sister bur he doesn't know that so thats how i always find out he is lying to me



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  • why would you want to meet a known liar? he could have another woman or he isn't into you or doesn't want a long term relationship.

    • Why can't he just be honest?

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    • by the way i did, and he kept denying so i broke up with him.

    • Thanks for MO and good for you. It shows that you respect yourself. I wish you the best of luck in finding a more deserving man.

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  • Maybe he has a different life than what he told you.

    • there's nothing i can do to can him to be honest with me?

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    • I told him everything but he kept denying it. We aren't talking anymore :/

    • This reminds me of "Catfishing." People may pretend to be others to attract people.

  • Most likely just nervous. Maybe he's ashamed of his looks. Maybe he's a figment of your imagination.. jk :)

    • Why can't be just honest? Is their a way to make him comfortable about it? As a guy you would know

    • Maybe tell him that you feel the same way so he can relate to you. Or you could literally say; don't be nervous to reassure him. ;)

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