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It's called "Thoughts of you" :

I often say that words cannot express the joy of hearing your voice.
The deepest of songs... Of poems cannot compare to my thoughts of you. When you smile for me, the walls in which keep my heart cold and callous begin to tremble and crash down, but I don't mind. The crash is soothing, as if the waves are crashing serenely on the shore.
It has taken me so long to keep in my sorrow and my pain. I've ran from it all this time. Wherein your emotional embrace, my chains quake and break. The old beaten heart, once battered and bruised may now start anew. The tears once she'd of a lost, shattered soul has been pieced together, molded and mended in gold, but even now... My words pale in comparison to how I really feel. I can't state why I'm writing this, even through the purest intentions. I cannot bring myself to say such things, so I will wait for the day in which I can find a way to tell you so...

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