How to sleep when nervous and anxious?

I had auditions and an interview today and I can not sleep because I am nervous and anxious for the results. What should I do?


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  • As a chronic over thinker this is something I have some experience with. I have a couple different strategies depending on how loud my thoughts are.

    The simplest is to just focus on breathing. Nice deep breaths, sometimes it can help to count as you breathe in and out. Unfortunately this doesn't always work.

    The next two methods I use interchangeably depending on my mood and the thoughts I'm trying to ignore.

    The first is to listen to music. I usually choose something with a steady rhythm and volume so it's easy to tune out once I start drifting off, but with enough variance instrumentally or lyrically to keep my focus on the music instead of thinking.

    The second is to find a neutral thought to bring yourself back to whenever your mind starts to wander to nerves. Sometimes all it takes is a single image in your head to keep your mind focused, other times I find it helps to start creating a story from that thought or image. Take your starting place and just let the mind wander from there. Don't force it, instead just relax, imagine what comes next and follow it no matter how weird or bizarre it is. Before you know it you'll be fast asleep, although possibly having some very strange dreams.


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  • Take some deep breaths, maybe a bath with some nice music. Keep yourself cold. Take some benedryl if you have to to fall asleep. Just chill. You got this and staying up all night won't give you the answers any sooner. You want to be refreshed and ready for that call back :)


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