How can I tell if she is still dating someone?

I met this one girl who I knew, and she knew me mutually through siblings. I started to get to know her a bit more when she started to ask me to go check some things out around the stadium with her friend. Another time she asked if I wanted to sit by her during a dinner, although I said no for some reason. The way she acted around me though was very different than other girls I have hanged around with, she would typically start the conversations, and when we took pictures together she would wrap her arm around my waist, and pressed up against me. It seemed obvious that she was single by the way she acted towards me, but now being told that she might have been dating someone, I have mixed thoughts if she is dating someone, or if she is single. My sister was the one who told me she remembered that she dated some guy, and was unsure if she still was. Does anyone know if she might be single, or do girls act like this while in relationships all the time?


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  • How would strangers know if she is single or not? You have to ask her.


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