Valentines day date - no reservations in town. Options for dinner?

Met a girl about a week ago and we went out on a date. She said she had a good time, we've hung out since. I asked yesterday if she would like to go out again Saturday. I have a specific event at a jazz club in mind, it's a long story. She said she'd love to.

Anyway, I checked yesterday after I asked, and there's pretty much no place close that has any reservations open. That's not surprising, and I'm trying to figure my best option. I don't want to appear stingy (because I'm not, I'd be happy to treat her to dinner). I also don't want to go to a lame high-brow fast food place either. The venue has some things to eat, but nothing really that constitutes dinner. I would cook, but I don't really have a place to do that.

I'll include a poll with some options, but please leave your opinion as well.

  • No dinner, just drinks. Pick her up later and make sure she knows we're not eating a full meal.
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  • Find some pizza or sandwich shop and laugh it off as an unusual Valentine's day venue
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  • Eat at our university dining hall (this one just seems cheap to me)
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  • Other
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  • I vote B. My friend and his wife do this every year.