How to get a guy who only wants you when you start ignoring him?

If he's a huge flirt/ kinda a player? don't tell me to move on or find another guy I want answers.


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  • You're gonna get played. You don't wanna move on or find someone else so that's your only other option.

    This guy ain't gonna realize you're the girl he should be with and start dating because it's not in him. He's already got you under his spell ready to chase him so you're no different than any other girl he plays.

    You can never truly win a player if you care about getting with him. Guys like that only fall for women who don't want them or care about them. Right now this guy probably thinking about a woman who's way out of his league and does not like him at all.


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  • I refuse to tell you how to get yourself hurt.
    Those kinds of boys are just not worth it and you know it.
    You sound emotionally reckless, playing with that kind of fire.

  • Do you hate yourself or something

  • You move on. He doesn't care about you.

    • Then why does he like me when I ignore him? I know I sound naive but i just.. feel something i guess.

    • He just wants the attention.