Whatever happened to real dates ?

Whatever happened to taking girls out on dates before establishing a relationship with them ? By the way, I'm not complaining ! I'm just wondering.

I have a boyfriend and we just "chilled/hang out" around and then he asked me out. I've talked to many girls that say the same thing about the person they're currently seeing. Going out for dinner, or dates like that would be sweet and so very charming, but I don't really see many guys doing that anymore...and it kind of sucks.

So guys, I'm just wondering...why is this never happening anymore ?


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  • Your post was a pleasure to read! You have correct spelling, grammar, phrasing, and punctuation. You express your thoughts clearly and concisely. Nice!

    "Well, in my day..." that's exactly what happened.

    Society is no better for this 'relationship' phenomenon..

    It could be a money thing. But you can still have a fun date on a budget, I think...



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  • Look, why waste ur time holding hands, cut out the middle man and go straight for the ride cos lets face it that's da ultimate aim of dates sista! Gain experience, its the same as gaining xper points. ALL GUYS WANT IS SEX! And if you expect them to pay for dinner that's basically prostitution. Please them now!