Your dream girl? How is she?

Valentine`s is coming up and I have a question for all guys. I am 17 years old, weird-probably, yet have some friends. I have never had a boyfriend. Either I am scared or the person I like do not like me. So I have a question for you. Do you have some characteristics of what you like with a girl.
for instance, is it possible to be too happy or positive. Something wrong about that.
Right know I am considering and thinking about the greatest question in life: Why do all the popular girls get boyfriends. Deep down I don't have that low self-esteem nor I am not to high on my self.
Thank you for every help you give me!
Thanks <3


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  • Popular people are extroverts. They are accustomed to being surrounded by others and being paid lots of attention. And its easy to like them because they go to great lengths to be likable. Teenage boys are attracted to the popular hottie because they perceive them as easy - to talk to, to have relationship with, to bed. The more "ordinary" girls are shy and introvert and it takes a lot more work to figure them out and like them. Personally I've always liked a challenge and so far it really pays off.


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  • At your age the popular girls mainly get the bfs because they're outgoing and guys only see them as someone to flock over. Don't worry 9 times out of 10 those relationships you see never last. People get more mature and more picky about who they'd settle down with.

    Personally I look for innocence, I want a girl I can bring home to my parents not some dumb popular girl. With that I find a more down to earth, sometimes a little shy at first but generally smart girl. Always feels like there's more to discover because their lives aren't on display for the world/ everyone around.

  • dream girl: one who wants to change the world with me, who can challenge me in every way and be my partner and equal, who will always support me and love me unconditionally, yet also pull be back when I fall into evil. One I can learn and grow with through life.

    beyond that, the specifics aren't so important. I'm attracted to strong women, but i've fallen for a couple submissive b types before and I think I'd have been happy with them too.


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