I broke up with a guy but he texted me a smiley face. Asset this situation?

I broke with a guy last December because he wasn't ready for a relationship. At the time I told him that if things got better, in the future we could think about getting back together. He told me that he needed time to himself to get over the heartbreak of a past relationship.

This last week I texted him just to say hello and I could tell he was a little scared to talk to me (his exact words were "I wasn't sure if I should"). This last Wednesday we talked briefly and at the end of his text there was a smiley face.

Asset this situation?

Here's some background on him...

He's 34 and he doesn't throw smiley faces around.

He didn't send me a smiley face until 2 months in our past relationship (at the time I knew he was flirting with me).

Right before I broke up with him I asked if he only viewed our relationship as "causal" and his words were "I guess I do." Like he wasn't sure (which was the reason I broke up with him).

Ever since his last girl friend walked out on him he's been a confused man. Every serious conversation we had he says "I don't know" before or after everything he says (it's so annoying).


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  • Sometimes a smily is just a smily. If that's all he's giving you, then that's all you got. He might as well gave you a tissue folded into an origami horse. If he refuses to make sense, you just have to accept it at face value.


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