How to text her?

Haven't spoken to her in a week or so.. Dated for 2 months and we just stop talking after one weekend. Not sure if she got jealous the last night we talked or her friends filling her head with bs.. I'm missing the talks we had and stuff and I'd like to see if this could go somewhere. Should I text her how's she doing or wait tomorrow and send her a happy Valentine's text?


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  • No communication after one week? Could you provide more details? How do you know each other and for how long? Who was the last to write? Was it really a date or a hang out among friends?

    • We knew each other a little bit before we met.. We were Facebook friends and ran into each other a couple times.. We were both in a relationship at the time when we saw each other so close to New Years she was hanging with relative of mine and we ended up hooking up and talking everyday since last weekend.. She was the last write.. We went to the movies and grabbed drinks.. all went well but this past weekend she was acting weird after that night we haven't talked

    • Humm... difficult to tell. Best thing is you talk to her directly. Maybe visit her and ask her what's up?

    • Would do if I didn't live 2 hrs away.. I was thinking about sending a happy Valentine's but contemplating about it..

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