Am I more then just a friend?

A woman I work with recently broke up with her boyfriend of about a year and a half (he broke up with her, about 3 months ago). It was her first serious relationship so she was obviously hurt. Anyway, we started hanging out a lot with mutual friends and some dates with just us. We have a lot of fun together and have long talks late at night. A couple of our friends asked her if she liked me and she said she needs to get over her ex.

So, she never said she did or did not, but if she didn't I'd assume she would have just said no, we're just good friends. So my take is that she kind of likes me but isn't over her ex. Is that safe to assume, or am I just a friend filling the void of her ex for now?


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  • She might not be over her Ex, but that doesn't mean she is not interested in you. You have become good friends, thats a good step. she probably isn't showing more, or doesn't want to jump into things, because of what happened in her first relationship and is scared to take the first step, Because she doesn't want to get hurt again like she did.
    Id say that you are safe to assume that she likes you
    if you were a friend filling the void of her ex, there would be much more than just Long talks at night or Dates.
    Take it easy and dont pressure her if you really like and her and Picture a relationship with her.

  • ask her yourself if she wants more.


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