Should I trust him or not?

My what I see as my ex boyfriend - for he says he never thought we were apart at all - has recently called me and we were talking for days.

I really thought it's over, and when I told him this he was shocked and said I am in his heart, even if he doesn't see me. I still love him I guess but I trained myself to be over him.

Now, what's the problem? I have doubts about this. I broke up with him because he just forgets I exist for days. Also, we barely see each other. I don't mean we should stick to each other 24 hours, but I felt alone many times.

He says he loves me and it's just his life that's crazy ( he runs a business himself and family issues) and he can't just tell me the same excuses again because they seem invalid. When we saw each other he was holding my hand and everything you can imagine someone who loves you does.

I don't know what to do. I know if he didn't want me he would not initiate contact every time. But I just don't want to repeat the past.

Any ideas guys?


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  • The only way a guy in your age range would have family issues that keep him from his girlfriend over so long a time is if the family is his wife and kids. And I think that would be a whole issue in itself. Otherwise I can't believe he has family issues that keep him from you.


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  • sorry i didn't read all because you wrote so much lol

    • Lol sorry for this! But I couldn't cut it off:)

    • no problem. sometime i am lazy. :)

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  • To be 100% fair to him, you two should have a frank conversation about your wants and desires. Perhaps if you are unable or unwilling to adjust your expectations, you should give him an ultimatum: i. e. 'be with me every day, or don't be with me at all". That way he will know what he's getting into. What did he say when you broke up with him the first time? Did he seem willing to try and remedy the situation?

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      When I broke up with him it was not the first time. He said nothing at all, but I expected it. This guy is not the talkative type and he keeps a lot of stuff inside. As if he knows I am his and we will be back.

      We talked about the issue again and he said he can't call me everyday because his life is very busy. It's a pity because we have a great chemistry and I know he loves me.

    • In that event... I'd say it's probably time to move on. You deserve to be with someone who can devote themselves to you a bit more. I am sure there is someone out there who can find the time. :)

  • Just move on.

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