CFNM? Party Girls?

One, prior to this... I'd never heard of CFNM before. So supposedly it stands for Clothed Women Naked Men. An attractive girl that I like told me about a party of this style and asked me to go with her. So all the guys have to be naked at the party, and girls probably won't.

Have any of girls been to a party like this? or would you want too? I think I am going to go with her...

hugh hugh?/? anyone?


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  • CFNM can't stand for clothed women naked men as the second letter is an F

    • its females and i thought it was just a p*rn thing

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    • I'm sure that will happen. Guess based on internet research, I feel like my penis is a little large than the norm, so I feel ok about it

    • aha that's good then

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  • Just go and bring condoms.

    • have you ever gone to one?

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  • I have seen this type of p*rn it sucks don't go you just end up masterbating in front of a bunch of ugly fat chicks