I don't understand guys... How much effort can you spare to make plans with a date?

I met a guy online, after exchanging texts for a month, we met two week ago. He was cute and we had a lot to talk about.

The next day, when he was drunk, he texted me asking what my rules were. I then told him there were no rules and I thought he was cute. He then called me to talk and say good night.

We met for a second date the next week. He held my hand and we kissed goodbye in the metro station. It was sweet. He told me I made him feel so special the next day.

He called me again at 3am but I didn't answer. He said he just wanted to say hi.

He texted me every day a couple of times.

I thought he would ask me out on Valentine's day. But he said he would be so drunk today and didn't want me to see him hangover, although he didn't really want to go out and drink.

I don't understand guys! Does he like me? If so, why couldn't he spare some effort to make plans! Or am I being played?

He texted saying he wish he would come and see me. I said me too. Then he texted sorry...
It seems to me he tries to make efforts to actually date me


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  • It actually does take quite the effort, but your friend over there seems to have more dates with his bottle. you might want to keep an eye out for that.
    Also, its been what? three weeks? you kind of set yourself up for that Valentine's day thing too.
    extending @Corsair777 opinion.


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  • He probably does like you, but I would be careful concerning how much this guy drinks; he can't even spare the time on Valentine's Day because he's too busy nursing his alcohol requirement?

    Consider the direction this relationship might go with the evidence you have before you fall in love and it becomes too hard to leave.

    • well spoken.

    • I totally agree... I was thinking maybe spending time on Valentine's just after two dates is too much. But it shouldn't be that much pressure...

      When we meet, he does seem normal and interesting...

    • While not everyone values Valentine's Day (understandably), he should know that any lady he may date around this time of year would be hoping for something special.
      Furthermore, men and boys alike will put on their best face when first trying to impress someone.
      Use your best judgement, think about how you would perceive the situation as your past (single) self.

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  • that's up to the guy planning.

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