My ex won't leave me alone?

My ex girlfriend, who i love very much left me 2 months ago. Later this week she added me on snapchat.. I haven't added her back, but today, she added my best friend on Facebook. She knows im his best friend.. Why is she doing this?

I guess she's mad im not adding her on snapchat..


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  • She added you and your best friend on snap chat and that means she isn't leaving you alone? Um, then don't add her, that's simple. It's not a big deal.


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  • I'd tell her to go fuck herself

    • I would too man.. But you can't help who you love..

  • I say give her what she wants and go the extra step to give her the extra mile because obviously she still loves you

    • What should i do?

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    • If you're thinking about her, then call her. This isn't that hard.

      That way you know for sure and you won't have to give yourself these unnecessary worries.

    • I am pro-resolutions. I am friends with my exes and I talk continue to them even if things may have left not so on good terms, but I think about it this way...

      Things started well, and things don't end until I say so... So if you talk to your ex again, then the past isn't really the end, is it?

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