Why do you stay with a cheater?

current or past relationships, why do/did you stay with the cheater?

I'm just curious. I've noticed a lot of females mention in their questions that their current boyfriends have cheated on them. why don't you just break up?

getting lots of theories.

it's always funny to me how these questions are always ignored by those who've actually been in these situations, especially when they're allowed to go anon. oh well.


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  • I would never stay with a cheater some do it for the sake they
    are insecure that they won't meet someone new , sometimes
    it's financial reasoning's too, other times sad say they are attached
    to each other just sexually
    I agree no one should put up with the cheating crap that's no good but
    it happens i had a neighbor whose husband always cheated on her and
    she was aware of it but left it go on and she knew the woman too than
    finally later in life they moved away and than she died than he remarried.
    These girls who are younger they put up with guys who cheat on them but
    sometimes it's drug / alcohol abuse co-dependency..


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  • personally i don't mind if someone cheats on me... but i'd mind if i cheat on some video-game as i'm gonna do now... :-(

    ugggghhh the creators of this game were pure sadists... :-/

    • how could someone cheat on you if you don't believe/get in relationships?

    • hypothetically...

  • Becaue they love them silly!
    It's hard to leave someone you love, and when they do the worst thing possible you don't stop loving them, even if you do hate them.

    • I would. even if I somehow continued to "love" them, I would leave. it's not a silly question.

      I don't understand it, so I'm asking those who've been there.

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  • I guess 1 because it's not an dealbreaker for them.
    A friend is like that. I didn't understand, but now I think it may be, because she learnt from her parents that they grew closer afterwards or it's just acceptable -.-
    or 2 they are a big believer in second chances.
    One friend took him back after some months of breakup, because of the circumstances and his age. They were long distance (different continents) and he was under 25. AFAIK he never cheated again.

    As far as I know, I've never been cheated on, but I always thought cheating would be a dealbreaker for me.

    • same here. I don't think it's ever happened and I don't think I'd stay with the guy.

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