Real problem or insecurities?

Recently my SO has gotten a fictional crush on an anime character. I know this sort of thing is common, and that because he isn't real I shouldn't worry, but hear me out.
She started talking about how sexy he is, and how she wishes he was her boyfriend. That she would love to bang him. She called me later than usual one night and said "Sorry, I was hanging out with my boyfriend" as a joke, because she was watching the show. I made a come back as a joke to rise myself up a bit "Well my dick is bigger". And she just told me that "his tongue is longer" as if she was defending him as being a better lover. Most recently we had a poster for our personalities and she had him on their with "He is love" and she wouldn't stop talking about him. She even told me "sorry, I'm his now" when talking about him.
In the past she compared me to other guys and it hurt and I'm feeling the same as I was back then.
What the hell?

I only love her, and don't have any crushes on anyone, especially a fictional character. And even if I did, I would never talk to her about it or brag to her


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  • I think she is way too obsessed with this fictional character and you might be just a bit insecure/ jealous of this character that isn't real. This guy will never be real, so know that you have won because you are her boyfriend. If she was crazy and liked this fictional character more you, a real person, she would break up with you. Just know that whatever she says about this guy will never happen.

    • That helps a bit. But it just hurts my heart so much to hear her talk like that and barely act affectionate towards me.

    • Just talk to her and tell her how you feel. If nothing changes after a couple of months maybe consider breaking up with her.

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  • Nah, I used to be like that when I was her age (ie, below 18). She's just a really big otaku (anime fan).

    • I used to be an Otaku as well. (FMA all day) but its just hurtful hearing what she says some times you know?

    • Hahahaha yeah, people doubted my sanity too. Tbh you have nothing to be jealous about, think of her anime addiction as, like, I don't know, an addiction to anything else -- it's just her hormones talking.

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