Do players only fall for women who truly don't want them?

I've actually had this happen to me so many times in my life. I seem to be a player magnet and the problem is that I can basically smell their playerness from miles away lol. So I end up just ignoring their existence and then they continue to chase after me for years.

So T/F players only fall for girls who don't want them?

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  • False, Guys are hunters already, "Players" are seasoned hunters, call them elite if you want. So if they can't get to you, it just makes things interesting for them. At that point, you are more of a challenge to conquer, another mountain to climb. There is no real interest anymore, its all just bragging rights. So I say false, they aren't falling for you. I know the kind of women they fall for.

    • What kinda women do they fall for then?

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    • Seems like bull to me then. if they don't fall for the innocent girls cause they end up using them. and they don't fall for the bad girls, and they don't fall for the girls who ignore them who do they fall for then? guys? lol.

    • Yea, taunt all you want. Im still not putting it out there. Im above all that play ground stuff. also why would i say it? most don't even know when they fall, and im not going to give you tips on how to behave to tie some player down. If you are compatible, it will just happen. Tbh, I think you are just calling every flirty social guy a player. You will never know when a real player comes your way, thats why they are called Players, they know the game. Players don't chase, they get chased after. You are shutting down genuinely interested guys, thats all you are doing, im just waiting till you run smack into a real player. I hope you remember these words then.

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What Guys Said 2

  • No. Usually players have many girls to choose, that's why they're players. You can't be a poker player without cards.

    • Interesting... so what about all these men then? What were they doing chasing after me for so long?

    • They didn't fall for you, they just found you attractive, and like with any other girl they found attractive, they wanted to get in your pants.
      You were a challenge, and players like challenges, that's why they're players, and that's why they kept on chasing you for so long, but it didn't mean you were the only one they chased, you were just one among many.

  • from my experience coming from a long history of players that goes as back as the roaring 20's they fall for someone who is a virgin or a lady so in other words they fall for the complete opposite of who they are it's not because the girl doesn't want them a lot of times the girl does want him but she makes him wait till marriage or whatever playing "hard to get" and he falls for her.


What Girls Said 2

  • They just love the game and the one that doesn't desire them is just a bigger challenge for the player.

  • From my perspective you become more desirable because you didn't fall for there games. So, therefore, you're an challenge now. They'll chase until they finally get you, then on to the next.

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