First Kiss, Am I normal?

Let me just start off my saying I barley had my first kiss now that I'm an adult. So there's this guy who has been after me for almost two years. I went out with him once. He's not really my type but he's really nice. Anyway he recently came to visit and we long story short I had my first kiss with him. Well since then he would be more attentive towards me. We even fell asleep together because I was sick and running a fever. Well his return arrived Quickly, Well I miss him. Feelings I never thought possible I actually care for him. Miss his warmth and kisses. Is this normal I'm unaware of what I'm experiencing


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  • Cupid shot you.

    1 down.


    Yes, you are completely normal. Everyone goes through this.


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  • You have a crush on him. It's totally normal :)


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  • Yes, it's normal. You are beginning to develope feelings for him. Don't let him get away if you have feelings for him, sounds like he may share them with you.

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