Girlfriend doesn't text as much anymore. are we past honeymoon phase? now what?

been dating her for several months now. we used to text like crazy - pretty much everyday when we have time. now we don't text much nor are we lovey dovey anymore. on top of that we've gotten busier with work/school. is this normal?

what's after the so-called honeymoon phase?

update: sex life (or any touching) is pretty much non-existent these days


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  • Its normal for things to get in the way. Life happens like that. The important thing is to try to make time for each other regardless and work together to make it work. A relationship needs two people to love each other.

    • yeah we're gonna have a a talk

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  • Is the sex life still good?

    • well she's been super busy soo not much lately... hopefully today will be a change

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